Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Run With The Tribe

I love Run With The Tribe. It is a truly unique and soulful shop. Her pieces make me want to go the desert or the woods, anywhere in nature really, and sit on the earth. Just to feel the dirt beneath me and hear the sounds of the wind and the animals. Gorgeous, really gorgeous. Beautiful photographs too!
cascada. a tribal headdress. gypsy tudung.  bamboo hemp hooded cowl tunic. color raw. fox. a tribal feathered ear cuff.


My newest treasury, I am pretty fond of it..

Hand Printed Clothing

New Duds creates some really wonderful t shirts, sweatshirts, bags and such. I just love the feeling of their shop rustic and natural yet super cool. Love the uni-sex shirts and hoodies. There clothing is also American Apparel, made in the U.S.... That, I like!

The Wolf Sweatshirt - Zip Hoodie
Mens Animals Tee / tshirt / heather grey / American Apparel Triblend

Monday, April 16, 2012


Too much fun, I didn't make this one but I am featured in it and it's lovely!


I just learned how to share my treasuries! Woo hoo!

Beautiful Note Cards

Pat McWhorter is a wonderful artist. Her shop includes nature inspired paintings that have been turned into cards. how cool are they?!
I love her orchids and seashells, and butterflies, and boats and that pelican!! Ha, love them all I guess.
The Monarch Butterfly Note Card Sea Shell Note Card A Linear Orchid Fine Art Note Card

Lovely Jewelry

My Selvaged Life has some super lovely jewelry. Very unique affordable pieces and great gift ideas!

Bellflower Necklace Teal Blue Spring Flower and Leaves Polymer Clay Flowers and Hand Patinaed Brass Stem Gift for Mom Gift Box Owl Brooch Set Woodland Pin Vintage Illustration Forest Natural History Verdigris Green Grasshopper Necklace Brass Insect Pendant Gift for Bug Collector, Entomologist

lucy snowe

I just adore lucy snowe photography. Her work is some of the most inspiring photography I've seen and I want to share it with the world! Check out her shop for so much more!
Here are a few examples of her masterpieces....
The Dancer 8x10 Fine Art Photograph
Feather Art Photography with Sea Urchin 8x10 Archival Photograph


My newest creation~ Hand painted silk, men's ties!
I've only done one so far, but think it's awesome :)
Silk Tie, Jellyfish, Hand Painted, Turquoise, Men's

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Wow, this woman makes some eye catching art! Her shop Bohemiart is a wondrous journey to take, highly recommend checking out her work. Here are a few beautiful examples....
Tears In The Rain
Dolly Doesn't Like You


I just found these wonderful little handmade leather journals from Paper Machines today. They are so darling and were designed to fit in a pocket so they could be easily taken anywhere. Love them! She also has other great leather goods and such, be sure to check out her shop!
Small leather journal // Brown and Gold stripe
gEoMeTriC  artist's journal Tan Leather and Navajo

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wonderful clothing

How fabulous is this shop!! Great finds for guys and gals.
I love the unique prints and gorgeous color combos, I may have to get some of the leggings!
Coral pink tulip leggings
Light blue hand dyed mens  tshirt   with maybugs print


There are some seriously talented artists on Etsy and sometimes I stumble upon one that makes me catch my breath. PalePreoccupation has some wonderfully gorgeous paintings and prints, there is a dreamy and mysterious feeling to them. Here is one of my favorites, it reminds me of my cousin Shalane...
BECOMING -- signed (8x10)  Print of an Original Ink and watercolor Painting -- PalePreoccupation

Beca Runs... good finds

BecaRuns.... This is a fabulous vintage shop with all sorts of fun vintage finds. I also love the photos in her shop, so crisp and clear, really accentuating all the wonderful things! How wonderful is this doll?!
From the Lime Orchard - Vintage Cloth Doll
And these vintage stamps...
Mother, Father - Vintage Mounted Wooden Word Stamps

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The Che Guevara scarf!
Circle Scarf- Upcycled, Che Guevara, Black, Green, Spring Fashion, Infinity Scarf, Loop Scarf,

Ceramic lovelies

It's been another wonderful day... the skies were full of big grey clouds off and on all day. We had some sprinkles and some warm sunshine, I love those kinds of days.

Here are some beautiful ceramic pieces from Ceraminic... I really love all of the detail and the colors of her work. They would make some really lovely art for the home. Check out her site for even more wonderful artwork from buttons and bobby pins to ornaments!
Ceramic Set, Red Flower Plate and Red Heart Ornament with Organza Ribbon
Ceramic Dish with Bird, Mint Plate

Kristel Phears

Here is another Sonoma County photographer Kristel Phears. She takes such beautiful photos.
I love checking out the other local artists. What an abundance comes from this place! I am actually the team captain of the Sonoma County Etsy team. Kristel is a team leader. It's a great team for all of the local sellers to meet and promote eachother.

Birds on a Wire 8x10 Signed Fine Art Photograph - photo Moody surreal clouds greens aquas sepia clouds

Arm warmers

Cool finds for Wednesday!
These up-cycled arm warmers from cutrag are awesome!
Creased Arm Warmers Upcycled Clothing Funky Brick Long Arm Warmers Wrapped Wrists Cuffs Eco Tattered Style Woman's Clothing (13)Creased Arm Warmers Upcycled Clothing Funky Beige with Brown Long Arm Warmers Wrapped Wrists Cuffs Eco Tattered Style Woman's Clothing (11)

Super unique and fun!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Up-cycled circle scarves!

I've started to fill some of my extra time making circle scarves from up-cycled materials. It's really fun and super eco-friendly. I buy previously owned clothing or fabric from second hand stores and create lovely fashionable scarves! Its really wonderful to create a cool and funky scarf from something as unique as a muumuu like this one. Who would have thunk it!?
Circle Scarf
Circle Scarf- Upcycled, Blue, Hawaiian, Flowers, Yellow, Spring Fashion, Infinity Scarf, Loop Scarf,
I find that it's hard to put them for sale when I'm finished with them I like them that much.
Here's another one I really enjoy.
Circle Scarf- Upcycled, Red and White Checkers, Spring Fashion, Infinity Scarf, Loop Scarf,

Fantastic Aprons

I recently did a trade with the SSSeamstress shop. She makes the most fabulous aprons and I just adore mine. They would make fabulous gifts too! Here is a super cute one!
Green Rose Apron - floral bright light chartreuse green, white cotton adjustable hostess apron with ruffle, pockets


I love this shop! wassupbrothers
They make the most darling little owl stuffed animals, I want to get one for my little girl.
Mauja - Little Arctic Eskimo  owl

My little Etsy Addiction

Etsy.... well many would call it quite addictive, and I cant disagree. The more involved I become in selling my hand painted silk scarves in my shop The Silk Moon on Etsy the more addicted to it's wondrous land I become. I am fortunate in that I am a stay at home mom and therefore have time to create art and time to spend trying to sell it on a site as vast as Etsy. At this very moment there are 13,132,618 items for sale on Etsy. A number that increases every hour every day.
As you can imagine it isn't a piece of cake trying to get your single shop and items noticed in the vast expanse. I end up spending a lot of time on Etsy, making treasuries, sprucing up my shop, making friends. Yes I do make some wonderful friends on Etsy.... granted I may not really know them, but it's a wonderful community of people supporting each other and having fun.
There are so many fantastically beautiful, strange, fun and wondrous things I come across on a daily basis, and my hope is to share some of those with you, as well as some of my own art and new pieces that I have for sale!
My newest creation is the hand painted silk circle scarf. Circle scarves are really awesome since you just loop it around your neck a few times and voila! You are ready to hit the town, without the ends of a scarf that may get in the way when your getting the baby out of the car seat. My life is all about simplicity these days, with an 8 month old baby, I go for what makes things run smoothly. Here's an example of one of my new scarves with the always lovely Kelsey modeling for me. Peacock Scarf

Kelsey is wearing a Traditional Turks Head Sailor Bracelet made by one of my Etsy Friends The Jetty.... Check out her wonderful shop for ocean inspired crafts, t shirts, jewelry and sea glass.

Here is one of her whale t shirts printed on organic cotton, got to love it!

One of my favorite Etsy photographers happens to live in Sebastopol right around the corner from me. Her name is Lupen and this is her shop: Honeytree
Such gorgeous photography, seriously check it out!
Ruby Fruit - food photography Still life Photograph fresh fruit red Pomegranate kitchen art photo gray white garnet minimalist photography

So much more to come!!