Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Up-cycled circle scarves!

I've started to fill some of my extra time making circle scarves from up-cycled materials. It's really fun and super eco-friendly. I buy previously owned clothing or fabric from second hand stores and create lovely fashionable scarves! Its really wonderful to create a cool and funky scarf from something as unique as a muumuu like this one. Who would have thunk it!?
Circle Scarf
Circle Scarf- Upcycled, Blue, Hawaiian, Flowers, Yellow, Spring Fashion, Infinity Scarf, Loop Scarf,
I find that it's hard to put them for sale when I'm finished with them I like them that much.
Here's another one I really enjoy.
Circle Scarf- Upcycled, Red and White Checkers, Spring Fashion, Infinity Scarf, Loop Scarf,

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